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Customer Testimonials

Peyton Jones – Author, Speaker, Podcaster, North American Mission Board West Region Catalyst, Founder New Breed Church Planting

Reid is a stud! I still wish he named his site “Groups Guru,” because that’s what he is. When I first met Reid, I knew I found a kindred apostolic spirit. I liked him, and not just because he’s been a Star Wars aficionado…

Chris Surratt – Lifeway’s Small Group & Discipleship Specialist

I have been soaking up Reid Smith’s small groups knowledge for over a decade now. From the first time he came to my Seacoast Church campus to train our group leaders, to every time I’m blessed to spend a few minutes with him now….

Allen White – Author of Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential

Reid Smith knows small groups. Through years of leading groups in the churches he’s served as well as coaching other pastors in their small group ministries, Reid knows how to help churches recruit leaders, sustain leaders, form groups, train, coach, and everything it takes…

Rick Howerton – LifeWay Church Resources

Reid is the complete package. His speaking ability, organizational skills, intuitive knack for building and overseeing teams that stick, and knowledge base are only overshadowed by His passion for God’s Word, his humility, and his willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish Kingdom…