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Welcoming Spiritual Seekers (Part 1 of 2)

The best groups are high in health and impact for God’s Kingdom. For both to be true, a leader must be prepared to welcome people into their group’s life together regardless of where they are at in their commitment to Christ and His Church.… Continue Reading “Welcoming Spiritual Seekers (Part 1 of 2)”

What’s Your Top 10?

Recently, I got to speak at the Leadership Summit for Woodside Bible Church. During my time with them, I was interviewed about the ten questions below. I’d be happy to share the video of my Q&A with you if you let me know via… Continue Reading “What’s Your Top 10?”

Simple Small Group Study

Less is More – Prepare…but not too much. Pull together only HALF as much as you think you’ll have time to go through in a single gathering. Generally, facilitators with LESS material on hand to go through find themselves more open to the conversation… Continue Reading “Simple Small Group Study”

Break-Through Busyness

There are so many things that compete for people’s time in our culture – most people have too much to do and too much to manage. One of the most important things you can do as a group leader is to establish a common… Continue Reading “Break-Through Busyness”

The Indispensable Practice of Eating Together

Food is the best ice-breaker. It seems to have the same effects that we like to get from ice-breakers like helping people engage in conversation, feel more at ease, and bonus…it fills tummies, which makes everyone feel more content! I think that’s why it’s… Continue Reading “The Indispensable Practice of Eating Together”