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A “Community Devotional” based on 1 Thessalonians 1

Scriptures Reference to the Importance of Community 1 Th 1:1 The only time we find Paul alone is when he was subjected to forced isolation. Otherwise, you see the apostle with his missionary companions. The Gospels and letters that make up the New Testament… Continue Reading “A “Community Devotional” based on 1 Thessalonians 1”

The Power of True Rest

How your small group leadership can be sustainable and strong Rest takes discipline. That might sound strange to some, but it requires intentionality to maintain a consistent rhythm of spiritual practices to rest well. We’re accustomed to thinking of Bible reading and prayer as… Continue Reading “The Power of True Rest”

Unlocking Balanced Disciple-Making

Balance has always been elusive for me in ministry. Earlier on, I grew skeptical of it because I pictured it as being something that literally meant I was giving equal time and attention to multiple things but somehow not cheating anything. Life rarely allows… Continue Reading “Unlocking Balanced Disciple-Making”

Planning Leader Training in the Fall

Instituting Leadership Equipping Rhythms Training is not a one-time exercise with group leaders. It is one among many facets of how you provide ongoing care and development for your leaders. This is important to remember as you look ahead to the fall and consider… Continue Reading “Planning Leader Training in the Fall”

Small Group Leader Self-Care

Spiritual leaders must take decisive action to be healthy in order to be prepared to confront the inevitable temptations, personal attacks, potential burnout and other hazards of the ministry. These ten recommendations are relevant for all small group leaders and coaches who want to… Continue Reading “Small Group Leader Self-Care”