What’s Your Top 10?

Recently, I got to speak at the Leadership Summit for Woodside Bible Church. During my time with them, I was interviewed about the ten questions below. I’d be happy to share the video of my Q&A with you if you let me know via the “CONTACT ME” page of my website.

  1. What’s a good meeting format (or template) for a group to follow? What do you do when your group meetings frequently run over?
  2. How does a group leader stay healthy and effective for the long-haul?
  3. How do you measure spiritual growth and progress from one season to the next in your group’s life together?
  4. What are some common threats to healthy group life and how do you avoid them?
  5. How can you get your group to serve together – to be ‘on mission’ together?
  6. What should you do if your group is feeling stagnant or tends to major on the minors in its Bible study?
  7. What’s a good size for a group? What do you do when it gets too large?
  8. What should you do if you’re feeling tired, discouraged or overwhelmed in your group leadership?
  9. Trouble-shooting common challenges in group life. What do you do with somebody who consistently talks a lot and dominates the group’s conversations? What about a person who is highly-opinionated and off-base biblically?
  10. There’s so much group curriculum out there – how do you know what to choose? What do you look for when you’re choosing great group studies?


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