Break-Through Busyness

There are so many things that compete for people’s time in our culture – most people have too much to do and too much to manage. One of the most important things you can do as a group leader is to establish a common purpose.

Here is some practical guidance on how to lead through the effects that our busy culture has on groups. First, have a heart-to-heart meeting where you…

  • Review your group’s journey so far and re-cast the vision of biblical community for the group
  • Ask each person to share what they want to get out of the group: What would continue to make involvement in the group something that’s “valuable” to them?
  • Identify the common denominator with what each person shared so that you can create a common purpose
  • Decide with the group on how you can arrive at this common purpose even if it means changing what you’re doing now
  • Involve each person in fulfilling this common purpose – give each person a way to contribute
  • Follow-up with participants who don’t show for a gathering. This shows care and tells them they were missed. It also encourages their future return.


  1. Clarification: What does each person hope for?
  2. Consolidation: Bring together people’s dreams & desires into an all-encompassing statement. (Remember to facilitate the process and invite the group to help – don’t try to do it alone.)
  3. Consensus: Agree on how you’ll pursue your newly-fashioned “group mission statement.” Everyone is a stakeholder and should let their voice be heard in the design of your group’s plan for growing together.

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