Top 10 Questions

These self-evaluating questions were developed with the intention of giving group leaders a compass to make sure they were staying on track with helping a group to connect, learn, and serve together so it could impact the world with the love of Christ:


  1. Does every person in my group feel that I care for them and know how to contact me for help?
  2. Does each person have a friend in the group that shares a common interest or life stage?
  3. Did our last new person feel welcomed and included in our group and within our friendships?


  1. Is each person in my group reading their Bible and praying everyday?
  2. Am I including God’s Word and prayer in our group meetings and communications?
  3. Are most of the people in my group learning more of God’s Word each week? If not, is there a good reason why?


  1. Is everyone in my group regularly serving in ministry?
  2. Does each person in my group know their God-given gifts and understands how they are using them to build the church?
  3. As a community, are we serving together at least once a semester outside our regular rhythm of meetings?


10. Has each person in my group completed the Spiritual Health Assessment[i] within the last four months? Have I helped them connect to their next step for spiritual growth?

The big idea is that if a group is connecting, learning, and serving together – it will impact world with Jesus’ love and message. The goal of the group leader is to equip and inspire each group member to take their next step in their walk with Jesus Christ. Develop questions that will help your group leaders to stay on track with encouraging practices that lead to your desired outcomes of healthy group life!

[i] Check out the Transformational Discipleship Assessment for an example of a spiritual health assessment that helps to determine spiritual strengths and weaknesses with the goal of making disciples.

2 Comments on “Top 10 Questions

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